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[audio]dotCommunism - With Gusto - dotCommunism
With Gusto is the 12th release by electronic musician dotCommunism and his 8th album-a-day. This album-a-day is a deaf ear album-a-day, meaning that it was created without being listened to at all. With songs ranging from noise to serialism, With Gusto doesn't adhere to many musical conventions.
Keywords: full album; album-a-day; noise; serialism; electronic; avant garde
Downloads: 881 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The True Wheel - A Few Things I Hate And Other Songs - The True Wheel
My second album released, and first Album-A-Day. Consists mostly of acoustic guitar/singing songs, with a few weird experimental tracks at the end. Highlights include "Fuck Cake", "Liz the Fucking Hippie Whore", and "Ranks Among My Favorites." Cover design by Liz Thornton.
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Acoustic; Electronic; Experimental; Album-A-Day
Downloads: 16,329
[audio]dotCommunism - Sic Semper - dotCommunism
Sic Semper is the latest album-a-day by electronic musician dotCommunism. This one doesn't have any underlying style to it. Instead it's set apart in terms of depth, with all of the songs having had a decent amount of effort put into them, especially for an album-a-day. In addition to the strong electronic songs, such as "Back and to the Left" and "Shot Dead on the Dance Floor", there are also plenty of less electronic influences in the songs "In the Book Depository of My Heart" and "Guiteau Gat...
Keywords: album-a-day; full album; electronic; house; jfk; fugue; classical; breaks
Downloads: 1,558
[audio]Adhesion - Pseudocold2 - Adhesion
Pseudocold2 is the 17th release and 16th album-a-day from electronic music composer Adhesion. In the same vein as last year's Pseudocold1, much of the music and instrumentation of this album was derived pseudo-randomly. In addition to randomly-generated noise, many various genres are prominently displayed and mixed together, including downtempo, rap, drum'n'bass, IDM and baroque music. Recommended tracks: photokinesis, technical rococo, cut reality and ending experiment...
Keywords: evil residence records; electronic; album-a-day; full album; rap; random crap
Downloads: 800
[audio]dotCommunism - Music for Dying - dotCommunism
Music for Dying is a concept album based upon the day of its creation, June 6, 2006 or 6/6/06. It tells the story of a deranged man who feels that 6/6/06 is the day that the world will end and creates an album of music to die to. Music for Dying is that album. The music includes monologues conveying his attitudes and wishes as well other occult and apocalyptic references. Music for Dying is a look into the mind of a deranged mind and is the eleventh work by electronic musician dotCommunism.
Keywords: evil residence records; album-a-day; full album; occult; apocalypse; satan; noise; industrial; experimental
Downloads: 23,818
[audio]Adhesion - Delphi Arrival - Adhesion
Delphi Arrival is the 12th release and ninth Album-A-Day from electronic musician and composer Adhesion. Made from May 29th-31st, 2006, this project is an experiment in combining multiple aspects of modern electronic music in an eclectic style. Ths first AAD by Adhesion since his first (It's Really Hot Outside!) to not have an overarching theme of some sort. Genres like pop, IDM, breakbeat and ambient are explored with the addition of complex harmonies like 7th & 9th chords...
Keywords: Electronic; Evil Residence Records; Crap Art; Experimental; IDM; Ambient; Album-A-Day; Vocoder; Pop; Downtempo; Breakbeat
Downloads: 1,210
[audio]The Life You Left Behind - Adhesion & Scrap Heap
The Life You Left Behind is the first collaboration album-a-day by electronic musicians and composers Adhesion and Scrap Heap, both album-a-day veterans. The fusion of their respective styles results in a release that runs the gamut from chiptune to IDM to fast-paced techno to melodic downtempo and even hip-hop. Extremely experimental, yet strangely accessible. Made entirely in software on August 12-13th, 2006.
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; electronic; ambient; noise; IDM; album-a-day; techno; downtempo; experimental; rap; chiptune
Downloads: 3,344
[audio]Adhesion - New Folder - Adhesion
New Folder is the tenth Album-A-Day and thirteenth release from electronic musician and composer Adhesion. This album takes on a more experimental slant than usual - all tracks were made with virtually the same electronic instrumentation (made all in software as per usual, with some sampling). As a result, all tracks flow together/transition in some fashion. Tracks range from rhythmic & sample experimentation to nonsense robot hip-hop to extended jamming...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Experimental; Electronic; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Hip Hop; Jam; Downtempo; Sampling
Downloads: 1,835
[audio]dotCommunism - Kicking Ass Without a License - dotCommunism
Kicking Ass Without a License is the thirteenth release and ninth album-a-day by electronic musician dotCommunism. This album was created with the intent of making an album with a very electronic sound and it does have a mostly electronic sound. For more info, check out http://evilresidence.com
Keywords: album-a-day; full album; electronic; joe lieberman; politics; experimental; chip tune; drum and bass
Downloads: 1,772
[audio]Adhesion - Invincible Fighting Spirit - Adhesion
Invincible Fighting Spirit is the seventh album-a-day and 10th release by electronic musician Adhesion. The concept of this album is that it is a soundtrack to a fictitious 8-bit or 16-bit era video game. As such, the production sounds intentionally dated, with heavy use of simple waveforms and basic FM synthesis, invoking memories of the days of the Genesis YM2612 and the NES sound chip. The songs of this release are very thematic and were written to be appropriate for specific video game situa...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Chiptune; Video Game Music; Album-A-Day; Crap Art; Full Album; Self-Produced
Downloads: 1,334
[audio]Adhesion - Pseudocold1 - Adhesion
The fifth release and third Album-A-Day from electronic musician Adhesion. All of the songs on this release have some randomly generated elements, primarily in melody, rhythm and production effects. Also included are aleatoric programming/noise experiments. The entire album was written and produced on November 23, 2005, conforming to the rules of the Album-A-Day project specs. More info: http://evilresidence.com
Keywords: Electronic; Noise; Experimental; Beyond Classification; Neo-classical; Full Album; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records
Downloads: 7,512
[audio]dotCommunism - Gospeltronic - dotCommunism
Gospeltronic is the fifteenth album and eleventh album-a-day by electronic musician dotCommunism. Unlike most album-a-days, though, this one was created with disregard to the 24 hour limitation and actually took 336 hours, although it was probably finished within 24 non-consecutive hours. This makes Gospeltronic actually an album-a-fortnight. As for the album itself, Gospeltronic is a Christian album, taking elements of different christian themes, some handled in a rather disrespectful manner...
Keywords: evil residence records; experimental; album-a-day; full album; electronic; christian; drum'n'bass; noise; industrial; rap
Downloads: 680
[audio]Adhesion - Prolific - Adhesion
Prolific is a collection of the 12th, 13th and 14th album-a-days by electronic musician Adhesion. This whole release was written and produced in the span of about 4 days total (August 21st-24th, 2006), within the rules of the album-a-day project. Tracks 1-7 make up part 1, which is faster and more slanted towards techno and IDM with a little jazz at the end. Part 2 is tracks 8-14 and is made up of ambient and downtempo with the last track being dub...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Experimental; Electronic; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Ambient; Downtempo; Techno; IDM; Dub; Jazz; Sampling; Noise
Downloads: 1,200
[audio]Apostles of Robespierre - Deconstructing Neodialectic Deappropriation - Apostles of Robespierre
Deconstructing Neodialectic Deappropriation is an album-a-day by Apostles of Robespierre. Completed in the short span of 5 hours, and consisting of one 25 minutes song, Deconstructing Neodialectic Deappropriation is a thoughtful and precisely constructed examination of modern musical tendencies through deliberate disregard of traditional tonal principles. Website: EvilResidence.com
Keywords: Noise; Full Album; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records; Apostles of Robespierre
Downloads: 421
[audio]dotCommunism - Consumer Whore - dotCommunism
Consumer Whore is the sixth album by dotCommunism and third Album-A-Day. The gimmick to this album is that all of the songs are fake advertisements for different corporate giants including Pepsi, Walmart, Calvin Klein and MTV. All of the songs are done in different styles from very minimal beatnik imitation to kind of drum and bass. Check out evilresidence.com for more information
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Album-A-Day; Full Album; satire; experimental; pretentious; avant-garde; crap art; nonsense
Downloads: 3,731
[audio]dotCommunism - Rock Out with Your Dukakis Out - dotCommunism
Rock Out with Your Dukakis Out is the sixteenth release by electronic musician dotCommunism. It features a rather eclectic collection of music including weird industrial noise, bizarre beatboxing, drum and baroque, and some more conventional songs with words and stuff. Fancy that. For more information check out evilresidence.com
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Electronic; Album-a-day; Full album; dnb; noise; industrial; rap; beatboxing
Downloads: 676
[audio]Q.E.D. - Terra - Q.E.D.
First Album-A-Day and the first album released by Q.E.D.. Songs could be classified as ambient, electronica, and (vocoder experimental), and other unknown genre. Website: evilresidence.com
Keywords: Album-A-Day; Techno; Trance; Ambient; Beyond Classification; Self-Produced; Full Album; Evil Residence Records
Downloads: 411
[audio]Adhesion - Pseudocold3 - Adhesion
The 23rd release and 20th album-a-day from electronic musician and composer Adhesion, Pseudocold3 is the 3rd in a series of album-a-days that incorporate significant aleatoric elements into their music. Various time signatures, melodies, effects and arrangements were created or chosen randomly. The result is a very diverse and very enjoyable album of electronic music, which includes epic, emotional house (heard love's arrival), dark & brooding classical-esque ambient (tainted blood), dramatic fa...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Electronic; Album-A-Day; Crap Art; Experimental; House; Ambient; Techno; Organ
Downloads: 460
[audio]Adhesion - Uncertainty5 - Adhesion
Uncertainty5 is the 21st release and 18th album-a-day by composer and electronic musician Adhesion. It is also the 5th in the Uncertainty series, indicating that in addition to being an AAD, it is also a deaf ear AAD, in which the music is not listened to at all while being composed and produced. Unlike the previous entry in the Uncertainty series, this one is a return to the electronic stylings of the first three, with a mix of IDM, techno, ambient and noise...
Keywords: evil residence records; album-a-day; full album; techno; idm; breakcore; ambient; noise; experimental
Downloads: 319
[audio]Adhesion - Mind-Killer - Adhesion
Mind-Killer is the 22nd release and 19th album-a-day from electronic musician Adhesion. Conceived as a dark, cohesive album, this release runs through a number of genres and emotions, from outright evil breakcore to sinister, impersonal industrial to melancholy downtempo and more. All the tracks flow together and if you look hard enough you might find a story in it. Recommended tracks include But the little men..., a menacing tribal track, The superficial emptiness, a piano-driven, accessible an...
Keywords: evil residence records; album-a-day; full album; downtempo; breakcore; idm; drum'n'bass; industrial; tribal
Downloads: 448
[audio]KIBO - Knowledge In Bullshit Out - KIBO
KIBO= .....the true wheel + ......................adhesion FIRST AAD OF KIBO Mapism. -the new art movement. ........composer/creator attempting to fully map out a mind and all of its idiosyncracies onto a certain medium/media ///digital music in this case./// this album is a map of john ./././././..........john has problems. central to mapism: ...rejection of traditional art principles ...rearrangement of ideas ...connection of media (connections of subconscious) ...everything is map recommend:...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Mapism; Industrial; Experimental; Noise; Vocoder; Crap Art; Album-A-Day
Downloads: 1,329
[audio]dotCommunism - The Ides of Pi - dotCommunism
The Ides of Pi is the seventh release and fourth album-a-day by electronic musician dotCommunism. Starting off as a relatively basic string quartet (with a bass instead of a second violin), soon a piano and robotic voices are added in this song based upon the first 100 or so digits of the number pi. Despite being one cohesive work, The Ides of Pi is separated into six parts for the ease of the listener...
Keywords: full album; album-a-day; evil residence records; classical; robot voices; pi; ides of march
Downloads: 634
[audio]Adhesion - Idiosyncratic Dance Music - Adhesion
Idiosyncratic Dance Music is the 20th release and 17th album-a-day by electronic musician Adhesion. As evidenced by the title, this album is comprised of electronic dance music more conventional than Adhesion's usual experimental fare, with all songs in 4/4 and none slower than 125 bpm. Genres covered include dark & ambient techno, gabber, house, acid and of course IDM. Recommended tracks: Steel + Eyes + Mind, an angry gabber stomper, idiosynchronous, an acid-tinged, fast-paced IDM track, and Ev...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Dance; Techno; Acid; IDM; House; Gabber
Downloads: 1,641
[audio]Adhesion - You Should - Adhesion
You Should is Adhesion's fifteenth album-a-day and a massive departure from the usual mix of various electronic music genres. This release is made up nearly entirely from recorded instruments, including slide whistle, voice, recorder, jaw harp and djembe. The music tends to be mostly rhythm and percussion-oriented with a few spoken word anomalies as well as a 4-part harmony piece. Due to some technical problems the second half of the album includes various electronic manglings, but all of the so...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Experimental; World; Ethnic; Djembe; Spoken Word; 4-Part Harmony; Album-A-Day
Downloads: 478
[audio]dotCommunism - Bits and Bites - dotCommunism
Bits and Bites is the fifth release by electronic musician dotCommunism as well as being his second Album-A-Day. Bits and Bites differs from past dotCommunism releases in being created entirely with 8 bit instruments so it sounds like old video game music.For more information go to Evilresidence.com
Keywords: Chiptune; video game music; music; full album; album-a-day; evil residence records
Downloads: 1,373
[audio]Adhesion - It's Really Hot Outside! - Adhesion
The second release and first Album-A-Day (crapart.spacebar.org/aad) from electronic musician Adhesion. All tracks were written and produced (entirely in software) from 12:30PM July 6th to 2:30AM July 7th, 2005. Styles include ambient, noise, chiptune and cheesy eurobeat. More info: http://www.evilresidence.com
Keywords: Electronic; Eurodance; Noise; Experimental; Full Album; Chip; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records
Downloads: 1,629
[audio]Apostles of Robespierre - struggle between two contending ideas - Apostles of Robespierre
struggle between two contending ideas is the fourth album and second album-a-day by electronic music group, Apostles of Robespierre. Starting with a little scuffle before our two heroes before they join forces and travel on a journey of personal discovery and spiritual enlightenment.
Keywords: noise; full album; album-a-day; duel; spiritual; enlightenment; experimental; sega saturn; sine; saw; triangle; wave
Downloads: 3,744
[audio]BRYTHONIC - Don't Listen to Track One - BRYTHONIC
Don't Listen to Track One is an album-a-day created by BRYTHONIC, an Evil Residence project. An attempt was made to create music of drastically different styles. The first track is bizarre noise, that is not the most pleasant thing ever created. The second track, "Lost You Again for the Very First Time" is BRYTHONIC's attempt at creating a pop song. Following this is a very angry attempt at punk music...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Ambient; Pop; Electronic; Punk; Noise; Experimental; Album-A-Day
Downloads: 6,114 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]dotCommunism - In da Streetz - dotCommunism
In da Streetz is the tenth release by electronic musician dotCommunism. This album, unlike other dotCommunism album, is largely influenced by hip hop music. Noise music and drum and bass also helped to shape In da Streetz into the work that it is. In da Streetz is an Album-A-Day For more information: http://evilresidence.com
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Album-A-Day; Full Album; Hip Hop; Noise; Drum and Bass; flip flop; pancake; waffle; corporate; sellout; riaa; classical; steganography; scarlet letter; noise rap; electronic
Downloads: 4,345
[audio]Adhesion - Shapes - Adhesion
Shapes is the eighth Album-A-Day from composer and electronic musician Adhesion. A concept album in nature, Shapes is a somewhat of a song cycle based on the different shapes of the album cover. Each shape and connection between shapes corresponds to a track of the album, and the visual properties of the objects are represented in the music. The songs tend to be abstract and unique in production, but still musically interesting both melodically and in the use of complex harmonies...
Keywords: Evil Residence Records; Experimental; Electronic; Downtempo; IDM; Irregular Time Signatures; Concept Album; Noise; Harpsichord; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Self-Produced
Downloads: 1,280
[audio]Adhesion - Uncertainty2 - Adhesion
The eighth release and fifth Album-A-Day from electronic musician Adhesion. Another deaf ear aad (ie the songs were not heard when being written and produced), this one is more experimental by having 30 40-second long songs. Production is very electronic and experimental. Made mostly in software on January 7th, 2006. More info: http://www.evilresidence.com
Keywords: Experimental; Album-A-Day; Crap Art; Electronic; Evil Residence Records; Chiptune; Dance; Acid; Ambient; Noise
Downloads: 9,912
[audio]Adhesion - Opus Magnus - Adhesion
The fourth release from electronic musician Adhesion. Originally conceived as an attempt at 7 Album-A-Days in 7 days, it quickly degenerated in a mad rush to reach the goal of 140 minutes. The whole project, from start to finish, took 11 days instead of the planned 7. The result is a double album that defies classification, crossing through genres like downtempo, ambient, techno, trance and noise...
Keywords: Electronic; Techno; Ambient; Experimental; Beyond Classification; Bit Pop; Full Album; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records
Downloads: 35,721
[audio]Adhesion - Uncertainty1 - Adhesion
The 3rd album, 2nd Album-A-Day (crapart.spacebar.org/aad) and 1st Deaf Ear experiment from electronic musician Adhesion. This album was made entirely in software and according to the rules of both the album-a-day and the deaf ear AAD: all songs must be written and produced within a 24-hour period, and listening to any of the songs before the entire album is finished is forbidden. (However, some post-production mixing work was done to make the album not sound like crap.) The result is a mish-mas...
Keywords: Drum & Bass; Electronic; Techno; Down beat / Chill; Experimental; Full Album; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records; Deaf Ear
Downloads: 1,185
[audio]dotCommunism - Making Music Sure Is Hard Work - dotCommunism
The third album, and first Album-A-Day by dotCommunism. This album was started on July 24 at 2 am, and finished by 8:30 pm the same day. All songs were created solely with software synths. Includes noise, ambient, fake classical and some rather oddball stuff as well. www.evilresidence.com
Keywords: Ambient; Avantgarde; Drum Solo; Electronic; Noise; Experimental; Beyond Classification; Full Album; Album-A-Day; Modern Classical; Evil Residence Records
Downloads: 698
[audio]Adhesion - Rushed Music - Adhesion
Rushed Music is the 18th album and 17th album-a-day from electronic musician Adhesion. Made just a few days after Pseudocold2, this release was originally planned as a most-number-of-songs-in-a-day competition with fellow composer Scrap Heap, however, it quickly degenerated back into a normal album-a-day. Unlike most other AADs from Adhesion, this one doesn't have a general theme (aside from all songs being roughly 2 minutes or less) and was made without taking a sleep break...
Keywords: Electronic; Experimental; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records; Improvisation; Ambient; Downtempo; Drum'n'bass; Doo-wop; Funk; Full Album; Self-Produced
Downloads: 1,033
[audio]Adhesion - Pornoise Extra (Doppelganger) - Adhesion
The sixth album-a-day and ninth release from electronic musician and composer Adhesion. This album follows not only the model of the Album-A-Day, it is also a Doppelganger AAD, meaning the track titles and subject matter are sourced from another album - in this case, Pornoise Extra by Merzbow from the Merzbox. Track lengths were also approximately matched. The music of this release is generally noisy and chaotic, marking a similarity to the works of Merzbow but being more structured and melodic...
Keywords: Music; Full Album; Experimental; Noise; Electronic; Crap Art; Album-A-Day; Evil Residence Records; Piano; Nocturne; Beyond Classification; Tribal; Techno; Self-Produced
Downloads: 1,034
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